A Tale Of A Cupcake

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“Jump Little Cake, Jump” is a story of fun and adventure. For those—young and old alike—who desire to come along with us, we say the more the merrier! While we could describe our books as children’s books, that would be like saying “The Muppets” or “Shrek” were children’s films. In our minds, they are so much more! The vision for a cupcake journey culminated one morning when Lindsay and her boyfriend were having brunch with Antonio and Tiffany. As usual, the discussion turned toward creative projects and Lindsay said, “Well, I’ve had a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while … I guess it’s not so much a story yet, but I have some sketches and an idea of this little cupcake …” Antonio and Tiffany instantly fell in love with the idea—and the little cupcake! He didn’t have a name yet, but in their minds, he was already coming to life: A cupcake on a journey. The next week, the group met again for brunch to brainstorm. Where was the cupcake going? How would he get there? What lessons would he learn along the way? These are all questions not only did we have to ask about our characters, but also have to stop on occasion to ask ourselves. That day was a day when all three of us had to admit, while we each have different occupations and hobbies, we all want to be a part of a journey—sharing stories with others and bringing people together who enjoy the same things—cupcakes, adventure, parties and fun. We hope you’ll join us, by following our blog, connecting with us via Twitter and coming to the launch parties we have planned along the way. This isn’t just a book about a cupcake. This is our way to connect with others, who are young and young at heart.

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