A Tale Of A Cupcake

Hooray!!! We made it!!!!

We just wanted to thank everyone again for making our Kickstarter campaign a success!

We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s support and thankful that the project is bringing friends and family together!

We met last night to see what all we still have left to do on this project and it’s just the beginning for us!

Antonio and Tiffany have written the book, but must go back over it for a more thorough edit. We also need to write about 11 songs—only 2 are complete so far. Lindsay is about halfway done with the almost 40 paintings for the book. We’ve also got to start working on making all the party favors we promised a reality! Some will be easy and others will be a little more intense.

We’ve also been thinking about making T-shirts and reusable canvas bags. Let us know if you’d be interested in either of these things, so we can get an idea of how many we should make in the first round. If you have any other ideas for these sorts of things, please let us know!

Party on!




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