A Tale Of A Cupcake

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Hooray!!! We made it!!!!

We just wanted to thank everyone again for making our Kickstarter campaign a success!

We have been overwhelmed by everyone’s support and thankful that the project is bringing friends and family together!

We met last night to see what all we still have left to do on this project and it’s just the beginning for us!

Antonio and Tiffany have written the book, but must go back over it for a more thorough edit. We also need to write about 11 songs—only 2 are complete so far. Lindsay is about halfway done with the almost 40 paintings for the book. We’ve also got to start working on making all the party favors we promised a reality! Some will be easy and others will be a little more intense.

We’ve also been thinking about making T-shirts and reusable canvas bags. Let us know if you’d be interested in either of these things, so we can get an idea of how many we should make in the first round. If you have any other ideas for these sorts of things, please let us know!

Party on!





Today you get to meet, Bundt—the wisest cake in the kitchen!

He sees everything that goes on and is critical to Preston’s jurney being a success!

Hello! I feel like I’ve known Preston forever. That’s probably because I knew his real parents long before he came and visited me. They were very young when they met at the mixer, where they fell in love. Though they loved each other very much, they knew they were too young to raise little Preston, so they sent him to the nicest, funnest family they knew in the Kitchen—the O’Nilla’s. What a wise choice for such young ones, themselves. I hope you’ll all read Preston’s journey of becoming a true O’Nilla!

Mama + Papa O’Nilla

Meet Preston’s parents Mama and Papa O’Nilla! They are filled with frosting and joy and want to welcome everyone into the family.

Mama O’Nilla: Welcome everyone! We can’t tell you how glad we are that you could make it.

Papa O’Nilla: Yes, welcome! This is a bigger party than we ever imagined and we’re so glad you could join in!

Mama: Preston is so special to us and we just can’t believe how much he has grown since he came to our family.

Papa: So, we’re throwing him a surprise party to show him how much we care about him.

You can learn more about the party over at kickstarter.com.

Frenchie + Bean

Meet the youngest of the O’Nilla family—Frenchie and Bean.

Frenchie is a party organizer! And Bean is the most spontaneous of the family, always ready to bring the fun!

Frenchie: I’m so excited for the party! Look at how many people are here!

Bean: Party! Party! Party!

Frenchie: I have everything ready for them. Here’s the schedule:

Kickstarter? Check.

Video? Check.

Facebook page? Check.

Twitter account? Check.

Google +? Check.

Bean: It looks like you’ve got everything set up, so let’s get to the real point here. It’s time to party! Everyone join in.

Party! Party! Party!

The Beet-niks

Meet the Beet-niks! This crew hangs out at the Crisper a lot because they’re really cool! They’re into poetry and philosophy and really teach Preston a lot on his journey about brotherhood.

Can I get a beet? Snap. snap. snap. snap.

Preston’s our friend ’cause he’s got a pure heart.
He’s on a journey — in the cupcake box it starts.
He’s an O’Nilla but he’s been adopted
And he thinks this has something to do with the way he’s acting.
It doesn’t take long before he finds his way
And realizes that cupcakes bring the party every day!



Party with Preston!

On the day of our Kickstarter Campaign launching, we had a few people over to meet Preston for the first time.

Here are some friends partying with Preston.


Meet Suga’!

Today, you get to meet our friend, Suga’. She’s straight out of the cookie jar and loves to have company. If you’ve got problems, she’ll be the first to lend you an ear and give a crumb of advice.

Well, howdy-do, y’all! I am so excited you’re here!

If you’ve got some time, you should pull up a chair and have a chat with me and my friends. I hear you’ve already met my good friends Milk and Preston. I remember when Preston came to me, just a wee little cake and now he’s really come into his own.

Oh. That’s all the time you have for me today? Well, come back tomorrow and meet some more of my friends!

Meet our friend, Milk!

Meet Milk! He’s a little gruff on the outside, but he warms up quickly. They say milk and sweets go hand-in-hand. Well, maybe that’s why Milk has such a sweet tooth. Milk is the protector of the fridge.

Hello! Where are those brownies you promised me? Oh, thanks. I kind of thought it was a trick when I saw the note saying to meet here for brownies.

Oh, no! Are you going to make me talk to all these people? Don’t even think … mmm … these brownies sure are good.

OK—I can tell you a morsel. Preston is on a journey and he meets some friends along the way. I’m the guy who shows him his way through the fridge. Speaking of fridge—it’s getting warm in here, so I better get back there before my mood turns sour.

Kickstarter Kickoff!

The party is just getting started!

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us get the book printed. Basically, we’re hoping those of you who can will go ahead and pre-order a digital or physical copy of the book so we can get all 1,000 of the first run of books and CDs printed. Watch the video to learn more!

The book is planned to be released this summer. We have about 45 days to raise all the money or we don’t get any of it. Whether you plan to order a book or not, you should head over to Kickstarter to download a chapter of the book and an audio reading of the book and one song.