A Tale Of A Cupcake

Hoppy Easter Everyone!!!

We wanted to wish you and your family a Hoppy Easter! And to share in the excitement, we thought we would set you up with an awesome coloring page download to print. This is a great coloring page that you can share with your friends and loved ones over this beautiful Easter holiday!

Feel free to post your colored pictures on our facebook page. And remember that life is all about sharing! #ShareTheSprinkles

Hoppy Easter from The Happy Three, LLC!

Preston Hoppy Easter Coloring Page

Frequently asked questions: Answered

1) Why pre-order a book on Kickstarter?

Pre-ordering a book will allow us to have the funds to print the book and CD.

2) When will the book come out?

Summer 2012. The text is finished and ready to be edited and the illustrations and songs are well underway.

3) Where can I download the free song and a slice of the book?

4. Will I be able to get a book if I do not pre-order?

We hope so! That all depends on whether we raise the money we need on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is all or nothing, so we need to raise all $7,500 or we don’t get any of it! We have a few options if we don’t raise the money. However, this is our first preference because we think giving people a printed book and CD with the names of those who helped make it happen would be really awesome!

5. How do I pre-order?

Click on the video below or visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1002202694/jump-little-cake-jump. Click on the green button that says “back this project.”

6. Can I just send you money?

We’d rather you go through Kickstarter. Since it is all or nothing, it only counts the money that it receives on the site towards our goal of $7,500. If our goal isn’t met we get NADA, ZIP, ZERO, so please help us out by contributing on Kickstarter!

Twitter a-go Little Cakes!

Twitter @JumpLittleCake

We did it! We have now gone live with Twitter!