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Recipe from book to be published in Austin Food Bloggers Alliance Cookbook in April


Austinites publish children’s book via Kickstarter campaign

Audio book features The Tiny Bots, Kindie Rocker Gene Davis and
MIX 94.7 producer Kelly Whiteneck

Austin, TX (February 7, 2013)—Austinites Lindsay O’Neal, Antonio Delgado and Tiffany Young wrote and illustrated a children’s book, “Jump Little Cake, Jump!” which comes with an audio book including original songs. The trio funded the book, set to come out in November, through a $7,500 Kickstarter campaign in April.

The book is about Preston, a pumpkin spice cupcake adopted into the O’Nilla family—a family of vanilla cupcakes, who like to party all day every day. Preston feels out of place in this family of cupcakes and goes on a journey to find his true place in the great, big kitchen. Along the way of finding his true flavor, he meets friends who guide him on his way, including Suga’, the Southern down-home Sugar cookie, Milk, the gatekeeper for the fridge and Bundt, the all-knowing cake that watches the kitchen omnipotently from the top of the fridge.

The book is a hardback, 56-page, full-color, glossy aimed at 4-9 year olds. The book is $17.99 and includes a CD with audio and songs—narrated by Kelly Whiteneck, a producer at MIX 94.7. Gene Davis of the ‘kindie’ rock band The Que Pastas, http://thequepastas.com/home.cfm, is also featured on the audio book.

Lindsay O’Neal hand painted each page of the illustrations that accompany the book. Musician Antonio Delgado of Oh Antonio and his Imaginary Friends and The Tiny Bots co-wrote the book and its music with former Community Impact Newspaper editor and reporter Tiffany Young, also of The Tiny Bots.

Media contact:Tiffany Young, 979-450-1969, tiffany@jumplittlecake.com

For a music sample, visit http://jumplittlecake.bandcamp.com/album/shake-it-like-a-cupcake-single.


March 24, 2012

Who: Austinites, food bloggers, illustrators and musicians Lindsay O’Neal, Antonio Delgado and Tiffany Young are writing a children’s book with songs.

What: They have launched a Kickstarter campaign (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1002202694/jump-little-cake-jump) to get the book and CDs pressed.

The book features Preston Spice, a cupcake, who is on a journey through the kitchen to find courage. Preston is adopted by the O’Nilla family and although he loves the family, he feels he does not fit in with the fun party family, so he leaves to see where he belongs.

Where: Along the way, he meets Suga’ who teaches him a thing or two about life in the kitchen and meeting new friends—because strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet! You can download a section of the book with Suga’ and Preston and download a duet by them “It’s a Great Big Kitchen” at http://noisetrade.com/jumplittlecake.

When: The Kickstarter campaign is NOW through April 29 at 4:59 p.m. and we plan to release the book this summer.

Why: Because the world loves cupcakes and fun and we want to bring the party to everyone! We believe reading should be fun, so that children and adults want to continue learning throughout their lifetime.

For more information, visit jumplittlecake.com or www.kickstarter.com/projects/1002202694/jump-little-cake-jump.

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The authors and illustrator are available for interviews.
Contact Antonio Delgado at cupcake@jumplittlecake.com or 512.553.5268.


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