A Tale Of A Cupcake

“Jump Little Cake, Jump” is a story about fun and adventure, and that’s what authors Lindsay, Antonio and Tiffany are planning the rest of their life to be about as well.

Lindsay Anne O’Neal
Lindsay loves cupcakes, planning creative, themed parties and collaboration.

Lindsay, who came up with the idea for “Jump Little Cake, Jump,” has a degree in art and is doing all the illustrations for the book. When she’s not coming up with book ideas, she’s crafting and painting.

She is available for other illustration and art projects as well. Discover her talents at http://www.lindsayoneal.com.

Antonio Florencio Delgado
Antonio loves cupcakes, music and browsing craigslist for the low priced, high quality music and photography gear.

He has taught journalism, has an engineering degree and makes pedals for musicians when he’s not playing in a band, running or taking photos for the food blog ohspooning.com.

He is available for building pedals and teaching songwriting. Discover his talents at http://ohantoniodelgado.com.

Tiffany Lynn Young
Tiffany loves cupcakes, crafting and writing.

She has been an editor at a community newspaper for a few years and was a graphic designer prior. She obsessively devours books and is learning to play the ukulele.

Tiffany is available for writing and design projects. Follow her latest adventures at http://tiffanylynnyoung.com.

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